Artists: Hammerlighting (Mark Hammer (New Zealand))Collaborator: Creative Lighting and Audio (Andre Kecskes (Slovak Republic))In the Frame uses...

In The Frame


Circular Quay
2000 NSW

In The Frame

Event Details

Artists: Hammerlighting (Mark Hammer (New Zealand))

Collaborator: Creative Lighting and Audio (Andre Kecskes (Slovak Republic))

In the Frame uses light and reflection to create a surreal space, another world stretching into infinity

This lighting effect is achieved by positioning LED strips in combination with reflective surfaces and when viewed from particular angles creates the illusion of standing in another dimension.

As participants stand behind the circle frames they will see some of the illusion on their side of the glass but it will also appear as a photo opportunity on the other side. The illusion will be their floating face caught in a moment of infinity.

Hammerlighting is active in creating solar solutions. The illuminated effects of this installation are powered by a custom made battery system recharged through solar panels.


Country represented by installation: Australia

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