Eyes On The Harbour

Eyes On The Harbour
27 May - 18 Jun 2016 18:00 - 23:00

Artists: The Pulse/Oracle Liquid
Country: Australia

Eyes on the Harbour makes you the star of the show at the Laser-Dragon Water-Theatre. Using groundbreaking Intel®  RealSense™ technology, your face will be projected on a giant waterscreen 20m above the surface of Darling Harbour, in the middle of one of Vivid Sydney’s most popular attractions.

Just step up to the Intel® booth and have your face scanned by Intel® RealSense™ cameras. Either go completely natural or choose one of five wild looks, and a giant image of your face will be projected high over the waters of Darling Harbour. You’ll even have a copy emailed to you as a souvenir.

Intel® Eyes on the Harbour rears forth every half hour during Vivid Sydney, in between the Laser-Dragon Water-Theatre shows.

This unique Intel® experience at Vivid Sydney 2016 has been created by Oracle-Liquid in collaboration with Vivid Sydney, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Darling Harbour Alliance and The Pulse.

How does Intel® RealSense™ Technology work?

The Intel® RealSense™ camera is actually three cameras in one. It includes an HD camera, an infrared camera and an infrared laser projector, all working to measure depth, read facial expressions and gestures, and even swap out backgrounds