Artist: Angus Muir (New Zealand)Collaborators:  Hamish Steptoe (New Zealand) / Jarrod Barrow (New Zealand)Extrude is an extremely tall and imposing...



Circular Quay
2000 NSW


Event Details

Artist: Angus Muir (New Zealand)

Collaborators:  Hamish Steptoe (New Zealand) / Jarrod Barrow (New Zealand)

Extrude is an extremely tall and imposing lighting installation designed to be viewed both at a distance and up close. From far away, the 16 translucent posts – each standing 10 metres high – form a tower with a commanding presence that acts as a beacon for the area.

Up close and inside the installation, the effect is more intimidating: the artist has deliberately made it look slightly precarious and its sheer scale and height makes all around it appear less significant.

This work is designed to make people question the way it comes together: “It looks slightly precarious – is it safe?” or “How is that small base supporting those tall towers?”

The work sits in a dormant state until people start to climb in and around it, which triggers a burst of light that shoots up the vast columns… at speed!

Each post is illuminated on all sides and constructed from fibre-reinforced plastic. They respond gently to the wind, sweeping from side to side but never touching. 


Country represented by installation: New Zealand

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