EORA - Bennelong

EORA - Bennelong
26 May - 17 Jun 2017 18:00 - 23:00
Dawes Point

Bangarra Dance Theatre:
 Stephen Page (Australia) / Jacob Nash (Australia) /
Beau Dean Riley Smith (Australia) / Luke Currie Richardson (Australia) / Rikki Mason (Australia)

EORA – Bennelong honours one of Australia’s most mythologised and celebrated individuals from the days of first contact: Woollarawarre Bennelong.

The name ‘Bennelong’ resonates with in many ways, and is part of the historical iconography of Australia. Long before the famous Bennelong Point and the Sydney Opera House, there was Bennelong the man. He was one of the first Aboriginal men to be taken from his clan and introduced to European ways; the first Aboriginal author; the first to travel far overseas; and one of the first Aboriginal people to have their life story recorded and documented by Western writers.

This arresting art installation, projected onto the imposing southern pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, has been created by Bangarra Dance Theatre. Artistic Director Stephen Page and Head of Design Jacob Nash delved into history and traditional lore, finding rare stories and historical portraits and bringing them to life with contemporary movement that seeks to unveil the character of this audacious and intrepid Aboriginal man.

Bangarra is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance company, acclaimed worldwide for its authentic storytelling, outstanding technique and moving performances. Led by Stephen Page, the company is in its 28th year, forged from more than 40,000 years of culture and heritage.

Country represented by installation: Australia