Dress Circle

Dress Circle
27 May - 18 Jun 2016 18:00 - 23:00
Circular Quay

Artist: 32 Hundred Lighting (Iain Reed (Australia))

Dress Circle takes the interactive lighting of the massive buildings in Circular Quay to a whole new level – and incorporates the illumination of the eastern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the very first time. Visitors to Vivid Sydney will be able to colour and pattern the skyline in Circular Quay – nicknamed “The Dress Circle’ – and transform the backdrop to Vivid’s world-renowned Light Walk.

Dress Circle uses a unique 3D, touch-sensitive interactive model of the skyscrapers involved – as well as the Cahill Expressway and the Bridge – to provide a thrilling, real-time experience for participants and audience alike. A testimony to the continuing evolution of LED technology, Dress Circle uses cutting-edge, eco-friendly LED tubes and 130 energy-efficient LED Colour-Reach architectural lights to achieve a dazzling play of colour, light and pattern across the skyline of Vivid Sydney 2016.

Buildings can be selected individually or in groups and sequences. You can then choose your own unique colour spectrum and apply a variety of effects, creating a spectacle that will be visible right across the Harbour.

With its 3D interactive model, Dress Circle will transform the world-famous Vivid Sydney panorama into a breathtaking canvas of light, colour and movement.


Country Represented by Artwork: Australia