Artists: Dimitrios Tsiokaras (Australia) / Ky Snyder (Australia)DODECA is a gyroscopic installation that explores the beauty of light through the...



Campbells Cove
2000 NSW


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Artists: Dimitrios Tsiokaras (Australia) / Ky Snyder (Australia)

DODECA is a gyroscopic installation that explores the beauty of light through the interplay of colour, reflection, shadow and motion. It pays homage to the pure geometric form of a regular polyhedron – a three-dimensional solid figure in which each side is a flat surface with straight edges.

Polyhedra occur frequently in nature; classical philosphers and artists through the ages have seen them as suggestive of the inherent perfection at the core of all things.

The installation comprises a series of embedded regular polyhedra, each one contained within the one before it, with the final one acting as a light source shining through the previous layers. Each polyhedron is connected on a different axis, so that the artwork forms a large gyroscope, able to spin in highly complex ways.

In its construction, DODECA references the philosophical ideas of Plato’s Theory of Forms, which suggest that physical representation of the perfect ideal is always just out of reach. 

At the installation's core is a luminous perfect polyhedron that is repeated in layers emanating outwards, each one an imperfect derivative. The viewer can only glimpse and understand the core through the various layers.


Country represented by installation: Australia

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