Artists: Vikas Patil (India) / Santosh Gujar (India)Collaborators: Archilum Lighting (India) / ALBA Lighting Design (India)The complex wonder...



Circular Quay
2000 NSW


Event Details

Artists: Vikas Patil (India) / Santosh Gujar (India)

Collaborators: Archilum Lighting (India) / ALBA Lighting Design (India)

The complex wonder of DNA molecules and their role in determining the fundamental and distinctive characteristics of all living organisms are the inspiration for this dynamic installation, featuring 24 moving light tubes that continuously spiral around a common core. 

As visitors move around the installation their perception of its structure changes: shapes shift when viewed from different angles and the lighting tubes change colour at alternating intervals. The lighting is coded to represent the colours of chemical elements in the DNA molecule. 

Country represented by installation: India

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