Artist:Light Atelier: Lucka Slatner (Australia)Collaborators:Zarko Djekic (Australia) / Maja Knezev (Australia)Dipping Birds is...

Dipping Birds


Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (enter via Queen Elizabeth II Gates)

Dipping Birds

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Light Atelier:
Lucka Slatner (Australia)

Zarko Djekic (Australia) / Maja Knezev (Australia)

Dipping Birds is reminiscent of the ‘drinking bird’ novelty toy that so many of us loved all those years ago. You remember the one; a brightly coloured, spindly-legged toy bird that leaned forward, appearing to drink from a glass of water, then bobbed back up once its thirst was slaked. A few seconds later, down it went again.

This installation — albeit on a much larger scale — is inspired by the toys that delighted and amazed generations. It comprises two large abstract birds, each over two meters tall, standing in a body of water. Both the birds and the water are lit with colour changing LED lights.

As the birds dip their beaks into the water, they gradually change colour from head to toe, their hues altering to match the colour of the pond lights. After one bird has ‘soaked up the colour’ it straightens up, leaving the pond in a different light and the other bird repeats the action. The colour schemes constantly change and the bobbing of the birds and the gentle transitions of colour are hypnotic and delightful, refreshing and replenishing the child within us all.

Countries represented by installation: Australia 

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