Artists:CREATE: Yunzhen Zhang (Australia) / Christopher Ho (Australia) / Alison Zhang (Australia) /Randy Tjang (Singapore) / Guoyu...



Hickson Rd
2000 NSW


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 Yunzhen Zhang (Australia) / Christopher Ho (Australia) / Alison Zhang (Australia) /
Randy Tjang (Singapore) / Guoyu Chu (China) / William Weng (Australia)

 Jabez  Wilson (India) / Junji Moey (Malaysia) / Alexander Lam (Australia) / Peiju Li (China) / Emily Chan (Australia) / 
Kevin Yu (Australia) / Daniel Castillo (Australia) / Jason Phu (Australia) / Jonathan Hribar (Australia) / 
Anthony Feizi-Sobbi (Australia) / Jonathan Timmerman (Australia) Yuen Chan (Australia) 

Crystallise is a sprawling, lighting-mural landscape, comprising multicoloured triangles and diamonds.

At first glance, the installation appears to be a mosaic, although randomly generated colours and patterns gradually allow viewers to see different forms within its surface.

However, the installation encourages viewers to approach and construct their own interpretations of what they can see, and the final secret of the work is reserved for those who truly explore. As they come into close proximity with the mural, sections of the canvas fade, leaving behind only a pair of wings.

Inspired by the works of LA street artist Colette Miller, whose colourful angelic wings have adorned many city walls, the wings created by Crystallise represent different spectrums of humanity and help create a stage on which the participant finds a hidden truth through expressing themselves more freely.

Country represented by installation: Australia 

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