CATCH: A Fish Tale

CATCH: A Fish Tale
27 May - 18 Jun 2016 18:00 - 23:00
Circular Quay

Artists: Oliver Tanner (Australia) / Sindy Sinn (Australia) / Mark Dyson (Australia)

CATCH: A Fish Tale explores the powerful storytelling and atmospheric effects that can be achieved with the interplay of lighting and graphics. It takes visitors into a mysterious underwater world where they follow the adventures of a small fish.

On the exterior of a large rectangular structure free-flowing graphic patterns give a taste of what is to come, but the deep mysteries of the underwater world are only revealed by those who dare to step within.

Upon entering the installation, visitors are immersed in a constantly changing, monochromatic world, with three different graphic scenes made visible only by the changing lighting effects.

Using time-sensitive LED lighting points, the interior is bathed in pure red, blue or white light, which alternately reveals and hides the three graphic illustrations that are carefully overlaid with each other to gradually reveal the secrets of the deep.


Country represented by installation: Australia