25 May - 16 Jun 18:00 - 23:00
The Rocks NSW 2000
The Rocks NSW 2000

PropMill: Daniel Thomas (Australia) / Joshua Wilkinson (Australia)

BALLpit transforms historic Cadmans Cottage into a virtual space where visitors swim, jump, push and dance through rooms filled with tens of thousands of virtual, responsive toy balls.  

Movements and interactions by visitors constantly change the performance of the balls — much to the fascination of those passing by.

The massed assembly of coloured balls creates a place of fantasy, impossible to experience in the real world. Who knows what external forces may randomly distort within this virtual world; real-world physics could break, gravity could disappear, the balls might even turn onto different materials. 

The possibilities are endless.

BALLpit is created by the producers and artists of PropMill. Their focus is to use design, technology and communication to engage people in a meaningful way, to build emotional bonds and a sense of wonder and, ultimately, to spark joy.

Country represented by installation: Australia