Artists: Jonathon Bolitho (Australia) / Harry Hock (Australia)Contributor: Harry Iskandar (Australia)Attune is an interactive light garden that encourages...



Circular Quay
2000 NSW


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Artists: Jonathon Bolitho (Australia) / Harry Hock (Australia)

Contributor: Harry Iskandar (Australia)

Attune is an interactive light garden that encourages all of us to listen to the sounds in our environment, as well as the sounds we make ourselves. The installation features a cluster of large crystalline forms that appear to grow from the ground; each ‘crystal’ is highly reactive and pulses with colour and light in response to the voices and conversations of visitors.

The crystal forms of the sculptures are constructed from iridescent, translucent fibreglass with light sources and speakers located within. Light is evenly diffused through the surface of the crystalline shapes, illuminating the surrounding areas and visitors. Voices and ambient sound are captured by a series of microphones that vary in height and are interspersed between the sculptures at strategic points. 

Visitors interact with the installation by speaking into the microphones. The speakers play back snippets of their speech, while advanced audio technology transforms the intonations of their voices to form hauntingly beautiful melodies.

The lights embedded in each sculpture synchronise with the ambient acoustic environment and respond to the different volumes of the voices: a soft whisper will produce relaxing cool hues, whereas a shout will invoke a warmer, more passionate, colour scheme.

When visitors interact with each crystal form, the result is a playful symphony of sound and light. As they move on and their voices diminish, the sculptures return to a resting state. 

The crystals, however, retain the cumulative colours of past interactions, preserving the memories of multiple voices through the medium of light.

Country represented by installation: Australia

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