Artists: deuxmonts: Jared Berghold (Australia) / Luc Small (Australia)Always Coming, Always Going is an interactive art installation that...

Always Coming, Always Going


The Rocks
2000 NSW

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 Jared Berghold (Australia) / Luc Small (Australia)

Always Coming, Always Going is an interactive art installation that explores the relationship between humanity’s sense of wonder and scientific discovery.

As participants enter the space, they will look up to see a large honeycomb structure made up of thousands of luminescent hexagons hanging from the ceiling. The work is designed to induce a sense of awe in the viewer as they watch a mesmerising, animated sequence of images skimming across the surface of the structure.

As participants reach upwards, move around or even jump up and down, the work will respond in kind. As the collective movements of the group increase, the work will respond by revealing ever more complex and colourful images and movement, rewarding involvement and cooperation. The interplay between participants and the artwork embodies the never-ending human quest for knowledge and the desire to understand the world around us.

The images and movement are dynamically generated, and based on the equations and formulae that have been at the heart of scientific discovery over the last century. Critical scientific datasets, such as data collected from the Human Genome Project and the Large Hadron Collider, form the underlying basis of these abstract and beautiful images.

The collective movements of the participants directly drive the images and animations. This will enhance their connection to the work while meaning that no two experiences will ever be entirely the same.

Tapping into our innate curiosity, the work is designed to be enjoyed by children as much as adults. Adults will enjoy watching the images unfold, revealing beautiful forms based on algorithms and scientific datasets, while children will enjoy seeing how the work responds to their movements — running, jumping, waving, assembling and dispersing.

Country represented by installation: Australia

The OPT will be closed to the public on the nights of 2, 6, 7 and 8 June.

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