100 Ways to Say I Love You

100 Ways to Say I Love You
26 May - 17 Jun 2017 18:00 - 23:00
City Recital Hall

The Propaganda Mill: Patrick Shirley (Australia) / Daniel Thomas (Australia)

Buchan Group: 
Anthony Rawson (Australia)
Precision Engineering & Manufacturing: Shahil Maharaj (Australia)
Brenmark Consulting: Mark Shirley (Australia)

100 Ways to Say I Love You is a celebration of language in its written form; but instead of words on a page the reader is immersed in a space where technology and visual expression connect with language and meaning.

Using complex computer-aided design and manufacturing, 100 Ways to Say I Love You creates a physical structure that serves as a 360-degree pinhole light projector. Its purpose is to communicate in 100 different languages a phrase with universal meaning: ‘I love you’.

Country represented by installation: Australia