This Will Do: Humble Design To Make Good Things Happen

This Will Do: Humble Design To Make Good Things Happen
07 Jun 2016
14:00 - 16:00
Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia, Level 6 Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side), Sydney NSW 2000

Create a clear, user-friendly home and life, especially for lateral thinkers and creatives, with better things to do than tidy up.  

If you are someone who gets inspired by the simple elegance found in Japanese culture, Aikido, Apple design or Muji, you should be here.

If you get uninspired by the overwhelming list of things to do, objects to manage, and no time to do them, you should be here too.

Our special guest is Ben Crothers, former Lead Design Strategist of Atlassian. Ben will share stories of the basic values that make teams so innovative and productive at this 'Workplace of the Year', year after year.

Learn take-home design principles that will come to mind right when you need them, help you make good decisions, and become successful in the skills of the share economy.  These design principles are borrowed from Australia's Bill Mollison, the maverick biologist-philosopher and whole-system design thinker.  With a biomimicary approach, you will be inspired to get the groundwork of you life working well, and watch other everday problems start solving themselves.

'The only effort should be in the maintaining of effortlessness'

Be inspired by real-life transformation stories and case studies from Cecilia's work in Japan: Mrs Asabas art Square, a mysterious self-reliant boarding school, and more. 

The event is interactive. Meet kindred spirits and new collaborators. There will be opportunities for more learning and creative projects.

Go home with a clear, do-able vision, and the desire to carry it though. Expect results that surprise and delight. 

This event is presented by Events By Example
Event Partner: Yoke Magazine Celebrating life-affirming creativity, conneciton and wellbeing. 

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