What’s Your +AQ? Get Yourself and Your Organisation Fit For Innovation

07 Jun
14:00 - 16:00
140 George St, The Rocks 2000
Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
140 George St, The Rocks 2000

High IQ? High EQ? What about your +AQ?

Smart people and smart businesses can be less than intelligent when it comes to building the right behavioural foundations for innovation. Often there is a serious gap between an organisation’s ambition to innovate and the reality of the systems and structures they put in place. This gap between what organisations say and how they actually behave is where Positive Ambiguity (+AQ) comes into play.

After more than 10 years and 200 innovation projects, we set out to help bridge the gap. Presented for the first time at Vivid Sydney 2018, the Positive Ambiguity Index identifies critical attitudinal barriers and enablers within a dynamic scoring system to help you lead for and deliver innovation.

The +AQ Index was developed through interviews with more than 50 leaders of innovation in Australia, research across diverse academic sources, an in-depth quantitative study with the UNSW Science of Innovation Lab and a pilot programme to design and test new cultural innovation solutions. Now you can put it to the test.

In this workshop, you’ll:
• discover actionable insights and learnings uncovered through the research process
• have the chance to calculate your own Positive Ambiguity score
• lead an interactive exploration of current issues within your organisation and your team
• road-test proposed solutions and new tools that you can apply from today
• build tangible action plans tailored to your specific organisational challenges.

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