Something incredible happens when you morph the raw energy of live music with slick virtual reality technologies.Don an HTC Vive headset and immerse yourself...

The VR Music Festival Experience


245 Wilson St
2015 NSW


Event Details

Something incredible happens when you morph the raw energy of live music with slick virtual reality technologies.

Don an HTC Vive headset and immerse yourself in an interactive VR Music Concert Experience that features contemporary local artists and bands. The three-to-five minute, VR Concert simulates and enhances the live music experience, so that you feel like a rock star and not just like another member of the audience.

The VR Concert Experience fuses music, sound effects, 3D animation, audio visualizations, haptics and motion capture to create a next-level music concert that is interactive, fun, entertaining and completely out of this world. The incredible sound, visuals and sense of being right there are sure to have you singing and dancing along.

In this enhanced VR live music concert, you’ll be able to:

·       see artists perform on a virtual stage

·       interact with various elements in the scene

·       experience 3D visuals and animations that are colourful, vivid, fun and entertaining

·       share a recording of your experience on social media.

Not only can virtual reality be used to revolutionise live music experiences, it gives artists a new platform to engage their audience in an innovative and immersive way. By amplifying the up-close-and-personal nature of live music encounters, VR has the ability to deepen fans’ relationship with the artists and provide around-the-world access to fans wanting that jolt of live energy when they can’t physically be at a gig. 

Come and experience Music Festival in Virtual Reality at this year's CLIPPED Music Video Festival, part of Vivid Sydney where we will be premiering an exclusive single from one of Sydney's favourite alt-rock bands.

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