Join Helen Vatsikopoulos and an esteemed panel to discover ways that art and health collide with tangible benefits for improving care and understanding. Artists...

Using installation art to share health knowledge


The Great Hall, Level 5, Tower Building
2007 NSW

Vivid Ideas Exchange, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
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Using installation art to share health knowledge 1900x900
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Katherine Boydell

Katherine Boydell

Professor Boydell is Head of the AKT (arts-based knowledge translation) Lab and Lead on Knowledge Translation, Evaluation and Qualitative Inquiry at the Black Dog Institute and Director of Knowledge Translation, Sydney Partnership for Health Education Research and Enterprise (SPHERE). Her participatory, collaborative program of research uses the arts, [documentary film, dance, digital storytelling, found poetry, installation art and body mapping], in the research creation and dissemination process. Current projects include body mapping with women marginalised by mental illness, disability or refugee status, exploring the experience of anxiety in adolescents using arts-based methods, and using photovoice to explore experiences of women with disability.  

Barbara Doran headshot

Barbara Doran

Dr Barbara Doran straddles the world of the arts and academia. She is a transdisciplinary artist, researcher and educator with a sustained commitment to deepening our understandings of care, well-being and the value of the arts in helping us navigate complex experiences. For over 20 years Barbara has worked as an artist, creative director in film and installation and educated in public health. She has exhibited artwork nationally and internationally and has twice been awarded the UN Bioethics and Art prize for photography.  

Helen Vatsikopoulos headshot

Helen Vatsikopoulos

Helen Vatsikopoulos is a Walkley Award winning journalist who has worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the Australia Network, and the Special Broadcasting Service. In a career spanning 30 years she has worked on programs such as the ABC News, the Midday Report, the 7.30 report, Dateline, Lateline and Foreign Correspondent. Helen completed her Doctorate of Creative Arts in 2018. 

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Join Helen Vatsikopoulos and an esteemed panel to discover ways that art and health collide with tangible benefits for improving care and understanding.

Artists are collaborating with academics, health professionals, consumers of health services and carers on eight exemplary health initiatives. Together they’ll explore how art can be used to communicate complex community and social issues, such as the wellbeing of refugee children, healthy urban environments, palliative care, and mental health. Each health project featured in the resulting installation called The HIVE, draws on different art forms – from textiles and sculpture to poetry and video – highlighting the many ways that the arts can enrich conversations on health(care) and how research can be communicated using visual, performative and literary means.

See the creative process in action as artists engage with patients and their families to produce artworks that depict their lived experience of illness, and of health care programs, services and supports.

This session shines new light on contemporary health care issues in a way that engages the public imagination while drawing attention to the need for accessibility, inclusion, audience engagement, and socio-political commitment.

Presented by the Black Dog Institute.

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