This workshop has been postponed until later in 2016 . For further information contact +61 2 8226 8660.We’re all being...

Using Creativity, Openness, Diversity and Equity (CODE) to Drive Innovation in the New Economy


Museum of Contemporary Art
2000 NSW


Narelle Hooper

Narelle Hooper

Adviser, Author, Speaker

Narelle Hooper is an adviser, author and directo who was founding co-chair of the Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards Program.

As a former editor of Australia’s leading business magazine BOSS, she has gained insights from hundreds of CEOs and global thinkers about what really makes leaders and organisations tick. She is co-author with Rodin Genoff of the agenda-setting book New Women, New Men, New Economy (Federation Press, 2015) on the CODE for innovation and growth in the new economy.

Rodin Genoff

Rodin Genoff

Rodin Genoff is an author and award-winning, globally recognised innovation and clusters specialist, who has worked internationally across creative industries, manufacturing, intelligent engineering and design sectors.

Recognised as one of the top 100 sustainability leaders in the world, he has developed practical collaboration tools that bring companies together to fast-track new products and services for global markets.

Event Details

This workshop has been postponed until later in 2016 . For further information contact +61 2 8226 8660.

We’re all being urged to make Australia agile and get behind the 'Ideas Boom', but what do we need to do different to get us there?

This workshop will help you and your team understand and put to work the four critical New Economy enablers: Creativity, Openness, Diversity and Equity.

We call it the CODE for the New Economy, a framework to help your organisation build greater resilience, innovation, agility and better financial performance.

Join the authors of the sell-out Australian book New Women New Men New Economy, Narelle Hooper and Rodin Genoff, for this special three-hour session which will help give your team a performance edge.

Your team will learn how to use the CODE - a practical framework - to make innovation everyone's job. They will get up to speed on the latest thinking and gain a grasp of the organisational Intelligence, Systems & Behaviours which will them adapt and capture new opportunities.


Senior business leaders and managers, teams and SMEs, private and public sector and NFPs. Teams are especially welcome for this special session to help them gain new insights.The authors are domain specialists, speakers and facilitators with global experience and an outstanding track record.


+ You will participate in a convivial, interactive and energising session that will include a mix of concepts, evidence-based research and practical tools that you can immediately apply in your workplace.

+ Gain a fresh perspective on innovation and the New Economy which you can use to effect change and improve your organisation’s performance.

+ Focus in on the CODE to gain a deeper understanding of how to align organisational Intelligence, Systems and Behaviours. 

+ This session will help you determine whether your organisation is At Risk, On Track or Adaptive and explore the steps required for the next phase of your organisation’s development. 

+ Participants will receive a signed copy of the sell out new book, New Women New Men New Economy, now in reprint.


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