Two Up | Talk Series 2015

Two Up | Talk Series
31 May 2015
18:00 - 20:00
107 Projects, 107 Redfern Street, Redfern NSW 2016

Two Up is a talk series that combines two completely unrelated topics in back to back lectures. The floor is then opened up to the audience for a fun and impulsive round of questioning, encouraging interaction between speakers and ideas.

Two Up is for inquisitive minds both young and old. It’s a bit silly and very educational. In a world of increasing specialisation Two Up creates a space where get outside of your box.

For this special Vivid Ideas edition, Two Up Talks brings you two experts from completely unrelated creative industries. This round will back up Megan Le Masurier on Slow Media and Chris Fox on Public Art.

This evening of curiosity and conversation is fuelled by the guys at Cake Wines, know for supporting great culture stuff around Sydney. 

Slow Media / Megan Le Masurier. 
If you argue that print is dead, you could soon have Dr. Megan Le Masurier to deal with. An articulate defender of slow journalism, she uses her insight and experience in the magazine industry to exalt the medium as a creative force. While rapid innovations in the digital environment get most of the attention,  print media has staged a comeback and Le Masurier will explain why.

Public Art / Chris Fox 
Chris Fox creates playful installations, which tease out new meanings from everyday objects and shapes. With a background in architecture he designs sculptures, displaying a keen awareness of the spaces they occupy. Operating in a number of different fields, Fox embraces the possibilities that public art allows.


*$4 Booking fee and 2.25% transaction fee applies. POWERED BY THE TICKET GROUP.