Top Ten Tips for Creative Business

Top Ten Tips for Creative Business
27 May 2017
10:00 - 12:00
Level 1, 66 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Creative Plus Business

What’s the quickest way to find out what a creative person needs to know when starting or running their own business?

The Top Ten Tips for Creative Business!

In just two hours, find out the ten most vital things needed to run a freelance and/or creative business. This fun, practical and action-packed presentation explores

  • The importance of goal setting and business planning for a creative business.

  • How to better manage the limited resources of time and money.

  • Where to get free legal, financial and taxation advice.

  • What to think about when starting the marketing process.

  • And more.

You'll also be guided through the various organisations and websites that provide valuable information and assistance at no cost.

These Top Ten Tips are tailored specifically to creative people who are (or want to be) self-employed, and the tips are relevant no matter what your profession. Filmmakers, writers, designers, visual artists, performers can all benefit from a quick introduction or refresher to the basics of creative business.

Top Ten Tips is presented by Monica Davidson, the founder of Creative Plus Business and an award-winning creative industries consultant and presenter with decades of personal experience in both creative practice and arts business. Watch Monica in action here. 

As a participant at the Top Ten Tips presentation, you’ll receive a workbook stuffed full of extra resources and exercises in both printed and PDF form, a link to a bespoke website with links and notes, and have the chance to network with other creative people just like you.

If you reside in NSW, you'll also have an opportunity to benefit from two free business advisory sessions with the team at Creative Plus Business. These sessions will be subsidised in full by the NSW Industry Business Connect program — no strings attached!

For more information visit Creative Plus Business.

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