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The Hunger Project's Vision to Action Workshop


aMBUSH Gallery
2008 NSW

Hunger Project's Vision to Action Workshop


Cathy Burke

Cathy Burke

Global Leader of Partnerships, The Hunger Project

As CEO for The Hunger Project Australia (now Global Leader of Partnerships for The Hunger Project) for nearly two decades, it has been Cathy Burke’s privilege to travel extensively across the villages of Africa and South Asia in her work of ending hunger. She has been profoundly changed by what she has experienced. The women and men she has met have given her the most enduring lessons in life and leadership.

Cathy’s perspective on leadership is surprising and profound. We have what it takes – right now – to heal our world. This is as relevant for a work culture, a family dynamic and personal change. If illiteracy, poverty, malnutrition are not a barrier to affecting visionary change, then what are we truly capable of? How can we connect across the world and support each other as leaders? Cathy writes, speaks, and leads workshops globally on these questions around transformational leadership. She is honest, real, and very human. She offers a way for us to step into the power we each have to make a difference in our lives, organisations and community.

Cathy has received numerous accolades for her work on leadership, including winning the prestigious 2014 Westpac and Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence Award.

She also holds a number of senior leadership roles within the organisation globally. Prior to working at The Hunger Project, Cathy worked in her own business, and in Federal politics as a Senate campaign manager, lobbyist and policy strategist.

Cathy's first book, Unlikely Leaders: Lessons in Leadership from the Village Classroom, was published in 2015 and is available at select bookshops or online at

As  CEO  of  The  Hunger  Project  Australia  for  nearly  two  decades,  it  has  been  Cathy  
Burke’s  privilege  to  travel  extensively  across  the  villages  of  Africa  and  South  Asia  
in  her  work  of  ending  hunger.  She  has  been  profoundly  changed  by  
what  she  has  
experienced.  The  women  and  men  she  has  met  have  given  her  the  most  enduring  
lessons  in  life  and  leadership.
Cathy’s  perspective  on  leadership  is  surprising  and  profound.  We  have  what  it  
right  now  
to  heal  our  world.  This  is  as  releva
nt  for  a  work  culture,  a  
family  dynamic  and  personal  change.  If  illiteracy,  poverty,  malnutrition  are  not  a  
barrier  to  affecting  visionary  change,  then  what  are  we  truly  capable  of?  How  can  
we  connect  across  the  world  and  support  each  other  as  leaders?  Cat
hy  writes,  
speaks,  and  leads  workshops  globally  on  these  questions  around  
transformational  leadership.  She  is  honest,  real,  and  very  human.  She  offers  a  
way  for  us  to  step  into  the  power  we  each  have  to  make  a  difference  in  our  lives,  
organisations  and  com
Cathy  has  received  numerous  accolades  for  her  work  on  leadership,
winning  the  prestigious  2014  Westpac  and  Australian
Financial  Review  100  
Women  of  Influence  Award.
She  also  holds  a  number  of  senior  leadership  roles  within  the  organisat
Prior  to  working  at  The  Hunger  Project,  Catherine  worked  in  her  own  
business,  and  in  Federal  politics  as  a  Senate  campaign  manager,  lobbyist  and  
policy  strategist.
Cathy's  first  book  "Unlikely  Leaders:  Lessons  in  Leadership  from  the  Village  
Classroom"  was  published  in  2015  and  is  available  at  select  bookshops  or  online  
Glen Carlson

Glen Carlson

Co-Founder of Key Person of Influence Australia, Co-Founder of Dent

Glen Carlson is an award winning entrepreneur, speaker and co-founder Dent Global. Dent run the Key Person of Influence program, acknowledged by as “One of the top personal branding conferences in the world”.

Featured in the international media as a small business expert, in less than 4 years Glen has built his own business into the 9th fastest growing company in Australia (SmartCompany 2014). He is best known for helping fellow entrepreneurs develop an ‘unfair advantage’ in their industry and believes there has never been a better time to build a global business and personal brand doing something you love.

Glen will be facilitating the Vision to Action workshop alongside Cathy Burke

Founder of The Entourage, Jack Delosa

Jack Delosa

Founder/CEO, The Entourage

Jack Delosa is changing education for entrepreneurs. He is the founder of Australia’s largest and most disruptive education institution for entrepreneurs, The Entourage.

Prior to The Entourage, Jack co-founded MBE Education which assisted SME’s to raise money from investors. MBE quickly became one of Australia’s fastest growing companies. Along the way, Jack also became a high-profile investor, investing in growth companies such as Q-Biotics, Martin Jet Pack (ASX:MJP), and founding The Entourage Growth Fund. His last book UnProfessional became a bestseller in just three weeks. His most recent book Unwritten outlines the unconventional wisdom he’s become known for, to living a life on purpose and making the world a better place. Jack has been listed in the BRW Young Rich List since 2014.

Jack is one of the creative and inspiring entrepreneurs speaking at Vision to Action Workshop, 1pm-5:30pm Saturday May 28 at aMBUSH Gallery, Chippendale. 

Ben Doolan

Ben Doolan

Founder and Director, FivePointFour Meals

What began as an attempt to keep a few of his mates on track with their health has turned into a business that is tracking to turnover $15 million this financial year. 26-year-old Ben Doolan is the founder of FivePointFour. He holds Bachelors in Psychology and Health Science, as well as a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. 

A dedicated athlete, Ben participated in decathlons, competing in javelin and high-jump, while working full-time at a sports supplement shop. Motivated by his sports performance, Ben poured hours of his time into researching the best macronutrient breakdowns, experimenting with recipes, feeding intervals and portions. His background and experience led him to launch FivePointFour, which has served up more than 3 million meals to about 20,000 Aussie customers. It has 150,000 Facebook followers and almost 20,000 on Instagram. 

With each meal sold, FivePointFour donates money to The Hunger Project which works to break the cycle of poverty worldwide.

Jacinta McDonell

Jacinta McDonell

Co-founder of Anytime Fitness, Founder of Urban Yoga, Founder of Human Kind Project

Jacinta McDonell launched the highly successful US franchise Anytime Fitness with her brother Justin and business partner Richard Peil into Australia in 2008. With over 420 clubs now in Australia and 2,700 clubs with 2 million members’ worldwide, Anytime Fitness is Australia’s number one health club chain.

As well as setting up Australia’s most successful fitness brand and being a mother of three children, Jacinta’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to the opening of Urban Yoga, making her a true inspiration to Australian business women.

A strong advocate of using Business For Good - Jacinta established The Human Kind Project last year, which is a for-purpose Foundation that enables Businesses to build brand equity whilst creating social change. She and her team now work tirelessly to fund and support organisations that deliver change in the world.

Jacinta is on the panel at The Hunger Project's Vision to Action event on Saturday May 28th at aMBUSH Gallery at 1pm -5:30pm. 

Jessica Carerra

Jessica Carrera

Director/Owner of Carrera Press Agency, Co-Director/Co-Founder of The Dollhouse Pictures

Jessica is the Director/ Founder of Carrera Press Agency and Co-Director/ Co-Founder of The Dollhouse Pictures, a production company with a dedicated ethos to create work for women by women.

Her passion and experience in film, television and the arts began in 2001 as an assistant at leading theatrical agency Shanahan Management.  In 2004 she became the in-house publicist, a position she created.  In 2012 she established her PR company Carrera Press Agency – garnering a  strong reputation for building relationships, Jessica has collaborated globally with a number of established actors, creatives, musicians and personalities.

And in 2015 she launched production company Dollhouse Pictures with colleagues Krew Boylan, Rose Byrne, Shannon Murphy and Gracie Otto.  Jessica’s credits include Associate Producer on the feature documentary The Last Impresario (Dir: Gracie Otto),  which had its World Premiere at the 2013 BFI London Film Festival.  She most recently produced the featurette Eaglehawk (Dir: Shannon Murphy)  starring Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Ryan Corr and Wayne Blair, which has its World Premiere at the Sydney Film Festival in June.  Her other projects include Seriously Red  (Dir: Kate Woods) written by and staring Krew Boylan, produced in conjunction with Robyn Kershaw, and she has recently started development on Girls In Hotels ( Dir. Gracie Otto).

 Jessica is currently working with Robyn Kershaw at RKP with the support of Screen Australia’s Enterprise funding. 

Jessica was a finalist in the 2015 Women in Media Awards (Public Relations).

Jessica is on the panel for The Hunger Project's Vision to Action event on Saturday May 28th at aMBUSH Gallery.


Narelle Hooper

Narelle Hooper

Adviser, Author and Speaker

Narelle is an adviser, author and speaker who was founding Co-Chair of the Australian Financial Review - Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards from 2012-2014 and former editor of the Financial Review’s respected BOSS Magazine. 
In late 2015, she co-authored the compelling book New Women, New Men, New Economy (Federation Press) which shows how businesses with more women in leadership do better and innovate more. A highly regarded interviewer and speaker and advocate for greater diversity and sustainability in Australian business, Narelle has had a distinguished career in senior roles with leading media groups, including Fairfax Media and the ABC. Narelle grew up in rural NSW, studied journalism at Canberra University and has a Masters of Management (Financial Management) from MGSM. Based in Sydney, she is also a director of The Ethics Centre, Documentary Australia Foundation and the Tasmanian Development Board.

Event Details

Are you an executive, entrepreneur, intrapreneur or someone looking for inspiration on how to create a vision for your life, your business, your community, or the world and how to realise that vision by taking action? This workshop by The Hunger Project Australia has your name all over it - and all proceeds from ticket sales for this event go to The Hunger Project's work creating a sustainable end to chronic, persistent hunger.

Coinciding with World Hunger Day on 28 May, the session will kick off with a three-hour interactive Vision to Action workshop led by Cathy Burke (Vice President and Global Leader, Partnerships, The Hunger Project) and Glen Carlson (award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and Co-Founder, Key Person of Influence). 

The workshop is inspired by the Vision, Commitment, Action (VCA) workshops that The Hunger Project run across Africa and Bangladesh with our village partners. The VCA's are a key component to The Hunger Project's innovative technology behind shifting the mindsets of people living in chronic hunger and poverty from resignation and despondency to optimism and empowerment, so that they can see that they have the power and agency to end their own hunger. This is the first – and most critical - step in the approach to creating sustainable and transformative change. To date over 4.1 million people across Africa and Bangladesh have participated in a VCA workshop.

The workshop will be followed by a 45 minute panel discussion with an extraordinary lineup of guest speakers including:

You are invited to join the conversation with them about their vision and what it took to make it a reality.

Although we are not suffering from chronic, persistent hunger in Australia, we are still all hungry for something. It could be a hunger for more purpose, meaning, love, creativity, confidence, the list goes on. Through the Vision to Action workshops, The Hunger Project will share some incredible lessons and insights from its village partners in Africa and Bangladesh about the adversity they have conquered by shifting their mindset. We'll incorporate these lessons as we guide you through steps to create your own vision, commitment and actions towards unlocking your leadership, creativity and capacity to live a bigger life.

Through this workshop, you can:

  • Shift your mindset to open up new possibilities for yourself
  • Unlock your leadership, creativity and capacity to live a bigger life
  • Discover what’s been holding you back from fulfilling your potential
  • See a future for you and your life beyond what you see currently
  • Get emboldened to your own power to create that future
  • Take a stand for something you want in your life or for your community
  • Identify clear and immediate actions you can take to realise your vision

What are you hungry for? What is holding you back from getting it? Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to lift the lid off what's possible and realising your full potential. 

The Hunger Project is a global strategic non-government organisation with a mission to end hunger by 2030. The Hunger Project empowers women and men living in remote, rural villages globally to unlock their leadership, capacity and creativity to end their own hunger. Check out our website for more information.

Light refreshments and drinks will be provided.

*Booking and transaction fees may apply

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