The Art of Analytics - The Fusion of Data, Science and Art: Presentation and Exhibition

30 May 2017
14:00 - 16:00
Level 2, Whiteley Ballroom, Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney - 11 Jamison St, Sydney

The Art Of Analytics takes numerous amazing analytic insights and presents them as large Art Works, complete with a description about the insight and a story about the analyst or artist.

This Art Exhibition allows people to interact with the analytics in a very different way. The striking images stand as beautiful art and people are drawn in to discover their real meaning and insight.

Prior to opening the exibition, Dr. Clement Fredembach, Data Scientist , Teradata will present on "The Human in the loop: providing present value with analytics and research".

Presentation Abstract
The future may belong to machines and automated decision systems, but for the time being we’re still in a human world.

Ever-increasing data volumes, velocity, and diversity do not alter the fact that currently, humans are better than machines at asking questions, being imaginative, and pattern recognition in the absolute. On the other hand, machines and algorithms have always been better suited to large-scale, brute force, data processing and  have improved to be better at pattern recognition in particular cases.

It follows that there is limited value in having a team of analysts providing reports of well-defined aggregations over large-scale data, machines are better at this. Instead, humans can provide additional value not just by designing new algorithms and automation tools, but by understanding the “why”, identifying new questions from existing analysis, and interpreting multigenre analytics methods. Moreover, people, and their wealth of experience and sensors are possibly underutilised in the research aspect of analytics, where impressions from customers can form very powerful and predictive features.

In his presentation, Clement will discuss the current place of humans in the analytics loop, where value can be added without waiting for new technologies to be ready.