Talk: Richie Hawtin in conversation with Ben Marshall, Vivid LIVE Festival Curator

03 Jun 2017
16:30 - 17:30
Concert Hall, Northern Foyer
Sydney Opera House
Vivid LIVE’s extraordinary and challenging program of sound, performance and visual art will move off the stage and into the foyers with the free Vivid LIVE Artist Talks.
Richie Hawtin has uniquely carved a career as an uncompromising producer, DJ and visionary of immense talent. For this rare in conversation, Richie sits down with long-time fan and Vivid LIVE Festival Curator Ben Marshall to discuss Richie’s 25 year+ career, explore the state of electronic music today and the importance of live performance in the genre, just before his headline performance of CLOSE on the harbourside Northern Broadwalk.
The Artist Talks series takes place during Vivid LIVE as part of this year’s Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas.

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