Subterranean Sydney

Subterranean Sydney
02 Jun 2016
17:30 - 21:00
Waranara Room, Barangaroo Reserve

AECOM is proud to be collaborating with the Asia Society to host a special cocktail event: Subterranean Sydney.

The event will bring together people from the design and technology industries as well as the broader Sydney community to explore how Sydney might respond to meet the insatiable demands of an additional 1.6 million people in the next 15 years.

One of these future ideas could be leveraging the most underutilised space Sydney has – the one beneath the surface. What currently goes below ground is merely scratching the surface.

Journey underground to a vast and dramatic venue and let your senses be immersed in a kaleidoscope of light, sound, technology and art in this interactive experience about cities, underutilised space and future thinking.


Andrew Parker - Advisory Council, Asia Society Australia and PwC
Andrew will provide an introduction to Asia Society in Australia. From a business persepective, he will discuss key learnngs from Asia focusing on fostering innovations and attracting the best talent to build better cities.

John Endicott, AECOM Director and Fellow
Showcasing his passion for undeground spaces, John will share examples of projects that have led the way in Asia. Through the lens of this career in Hong Kong and Singapore, the audience will gain an understanding of how some cities in Asia use space creatively to accommodate rapid growth.

Jess Scully, Director of Vivid Ideas and Curator of TedXSydney
Jess will take a Sydney perspective and discuss how we can use space creatively to engage communities, our future economy and the public realm.

This event is presented by AECOM.

*Booking and transaction fees may apply