It’s 2030. China is the world’s largest economy, is the world’s most populous nation, remains Australia’s largest trading partner...

See the Future: China Innovation Update


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See the Future: China Innovation Update

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It’s 2030. China is the world’s largest economy, is the world’s most populous nation, remains Australia’s largest trading partner and 300 million people have just become middle class over the past 15 years. It’s been the world’s largest investor in R+D for 10 years straight and registers the most patents globally. Alibaba, e-commerce giant and China’s most innovative company is now the world’s fifth largest economy. GDP of a few major Chinese cities is now larger than Australia's.

The forces changing the economic landscape of Asia today are unprecedented. Globalisation, urbanisation, ageing population, and technology are four major forces driving a shift which will see the acceleration of China happen at an unprecedented pace. What took Britain 150 years, to double the output per person via the industrial revolution, took China 12 years. This acceleration has happened 10 times faster, on 300 times the scale, population wise and together with the rise of India, has created an economic force 3,000 times the impact of the industrial revolution.

Welcome to the Future.

So what do we do? Australia is at a crossroads. We are lucky. We have choices. Sometimes, having choice can be a bad thing. We can choose to sit back and feel lucky. Or we can look up, look north, see the future coming and adapt.

China doesn’t have a choice. It has more university graduates than ever graduating into a lack of sufficient employment. Innovation and entrepreneurship is the Chinese government’s answer to this problem, last year backing it’s own innovation agenda to the tune of USD$300B.

These are all opportunities for Australia to jump on board.

But how?

See the Future: China Innovation Update will leave audiences with insight into China's massive push towards innovation and opportunities for Australia via our 8 x 8 short sharp keynotes and panel discussion featuring highly successful innovators and entrepreneurs.

See the Future: Gain insight. Skill up. Connect to innovation leaders and meet disruptive startups.

This event is perfect for corporate leaders and staff, startups, VC’s, government staff, university students, young professionals, industry association members, City of Sydney business owners and anyone interested in China-Australia relations, innovation or entrepreneurship.

Access and Inclusion

  • Wheelchair accessible - Access to the venue is suitable for wheelchairs (toilets, ramps/lifts etc.) and designated wheelchair spaces are available.