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SARTorial: Fashion, art and technology



Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia

Event Details

be fresh • be lit • be sARTorial

Join our Fashion Technology live exhibition and cocktail party hosted by TV icon Nell Schofield, and presenting a mind-altering collection from the sARTorial fashion collective of 22 designers. 

This is the newest frontier in fashion, where fibre, fabric and silhouette are merged with microcomputers, sensors and artificial intelligence, to amplify the environment-sensing abilities of the human body. The goal is sartorial fashion elegance that informs the wearers sensory systems using scientific data.

Alt-drag diva Ladonna Rama and an all-star cast of Sydney's finest burlesque performers and models will be demonstrating prototype garments, with designers and engineers available to provide context for the concepts and technology being shown. Billy Bullseye Texas will be your Tech Concierge for the evening, assisting guests in getting the right mix of education and delight out of their experience.

Open bar and appetizers included.

Access and Inclusion

  • Wheelchair accessible - Access to the venue is suitable for wheelchairs (toilets, ramps/lifts etc.) and designated wheelchair spaces are available.