Rhodes Art Walk

Art walk in Phoenix park Rhodes
30 May 2017
14:00 - 16:00
The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive

Rhodes Art Walk

Discover local artists site-specific mural and sculptural work that surround the newly developed Rhodes Peninsula. Starting at The Connection, the tour will snake through the foreshore, local parks and playgrounds and into Union Square and shine a spotlight on artworks across the whole peninsula. Artworks explored include:

  • Aqueous by Emma Anna
  • Mullet Feast and Wangal Wall by Jason Wing
  • Cartwheeling Youngster by Caroline Rothwell
  • Cumulus by Stewart Green
  • Table Tennis Table by Mulga the Artist (Joel Moore)
  • Wired in Space and DNA of Rhodes by Lu Xinjian
  • In Motion by Brook Andrew
  • The Flower Bags by Jane Cavanough
  • Rhodes Lewis Avenue Artwork — Wonderwalk by particle Olev Musca & Angela Pasqua
  • Picnic and Play Table Painting by Drawing Book Studios Curators

This tour will touch on the artist practice and development as we stroll past over 10 different contemporary commissioned works.  

This event is delivered as part of the BIG IDEAS IN PLACE: Place Leaders Asia Pacific Conference 2017https://www.vividsydney.com/event/ideas/big-ideas-place-place-leaders-asia-pacific-conference-2017

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