We love fashion. We love the craftsmanship of the couture we will never be able to afford, and we love spending all of our income on the clothing we (kind...

Reclaiming the Image: How Fashion Can Empower Women


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Reclaiming the Image: How Fashion Can Empower Women


Helene Morris

Helene Morris (NZ)

Founder of Lonely

Helene Morris and partner Steve Ferguson founded Lonely in 2009, with the vision of empowering women to be themselves.

From its unique, convention-busting creative imagery to an abundance of styles and sizes that befit a range of bodies, it’s an inclusive take on luxury lingerie. Lonely is for women who view lingerie as a love letter to themselves, just the way it should be.


Liz Ham

Liz Ham


Liz Ham is one of Australiaʼs most prominent and recognised female photographers. Her work spans two decades and is broad in both form and appeal, comprising a signature style of humour, nostalgia and narrative.

Working across fashion, editorial and advertising, her romantic, engaging photography is often inflected by youth subcultures. These images have been published by the likes of Vogue Australia, Dazed and Confused, i-D Australia, Russh, Oyster and Vogue Nippon.

Her personal work continues to be exhibited and documented, most recently at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, and in a cover story for international art journal Art Monthly. Liz is also working on a book project called Punk Girls, which combines her three creative loves — fashion, portraiture and documentary photography — to communicate the beauty and strength inherent in the women of the Punk movement.

Ollie Henderson

Ollie Henderson

Model & Founder of House of Riot

Ollie Henderson is a model and the founder of Sydney based not-for-profit House of Riot.

She has been photographed for the likes of Vogue Italia, Russh, Interview Magazine, Sunday Style and Catalogue Magazine. But not only does Ollie understand the nuances of life in front of the camera, she is also an inspiring activist with a socially conscious message. Through House of Riot, she is committed to getting young people engaged with political issues like feminism, environmentalism and equality.


Georgina Safe

Georgina Safe

Fashion Journalist

Georgina Safe is one of Australia’s most respected fashion authorities with 20 years experience covering the local industry and the international collections in Milan, Paris, New York and London.

She has written for Vogue, Monocle, Good Weekend, The Weekend Australian Magazine, Wish Magazine and the Guardian and was previously fashion editor of The Australian Newspaper and fashion editor of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Georgina is currently fashion editor of Sunday Style magazine and writes for Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Living and Australia Unlimited.

Rosie Dalton

Rosie Dalton

Fashion Editor, Catalogue Magazine

Catalogue Magazine’s fashion editor Rosie Dalton understands a thing or two about diversity in fashion, via Catalogue’s representational fashion section, Catalogue Girls

She is obsessed with the history of fashion and passionate about intelligent fashion commentary that explores the bigger picture. Her favourite brands are those that look to push the industry forward through innovation, positive representation, sustainability or quality craftsmanship.

Rosie has also contributed to a number of international titles like The Last Magazine, i-D and Dazed Digital. She believes fashion is a doing word and that — with a little hard work — the industry can be a positive place for women.

She will be moderating Catalogue's panel discussion Reclaiming the Image: How Fashion Can Empower Women.

Event Details

We love fashion. We love the craftsmanship of the couture we will never be able to afford, and we love spending all of our income on the clothing we (kind of) can. We even love the terrifying editors with severe haircuts, and the creative directors who self-appoint themselves Kaisers. We love the form, we love the fun, and we love the fabulous.

But what we don’t love is the irresponsible way the fashion industry has represented women’s bodies. Thankfully, we’re not alone. We’re in the middle of momentous change right now with regards to the representation of women’s bodies in fashion. So we’re going to dig into this change with those fashion creatives leading the charge for change, through Reclaiming the Image: How Fashion Can Empower Women.

This event is ideal for lovers of fashion, photographers, stylists and creatives interested in learning about how we can create inspiring fashion imagery for the future. 

Our conversation will be moderated by Catalogue’s fashion editor Rosie Dalton, who understands a thing or two about diversity in fashion, via Catalogue Girls — our representational fashion section. Joining her will be:

  • Helene Morris - founder of Lonely, a New Zealand lingerie brand leading the global charge for female body acceptance by creating underwear for women “who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves”.
  • Liz Ham - one of Australasia’s most prominent female photographers
  • Ollie Henderson - model, activist and founder of House of Riot, a social enterprise that aims to effect positive political change via fashion
  • Georgina Safe, one of Australasia’s foremost fashion journalists. Things are going to get deep, and we can’t wait.

The panel discussion will be followed by drinks at 107 Projects and a female-driven exhibition curated by The Ladies Network

Presented by Catalogue


*Booking and transaction fees may apply

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