{Program the Future} with Code Club Australia

26 May
10:00 - 16:00
11-31 York St, Sydney NSW 2000
Start-up Hub
11-31 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

{Program Your Future} is a fun, family-friendly event that inspires kids and parents to program their world.

Brought to you by Code Club Australia, this full-day hackathon is the place to be for girls and boys ready to explore innovation, art and STEM. Throughout the day, parents, carers and kids work together to develop computational skills, critical thinking and entrepreneurial prowess. Kids take a design-thinking approach to their concepts and delve into the world of coding using Scratch, Raspberry Pi and offline programming systems. With an emphasis on fun and experimentation, every project promises to be as unique and creative as the minds of its makers!

This event is suitable for kids aged 8-15. Code Club believes in the power of all kids, so this event is open to all sexes and skill levels.

Younger kids?
Does your 8-12 year old have a younger sibling? For the first time, Code Club is providing a space for kids aged 6-8 to play and interact with code and programming. Please note: we do not recommend that families come along expecting a full programme for under 8s at this session.

Please also be aware that photography and videography will be taken at this event. By registering, you allow for yourself/and your child to be photographed at the event, including still and moving images, and voice. You understand that these photographs may be used for promotional marketing materials distributed by Code Club Australia and their partners.

Ticket Conditions

*Booking and transaction fees may apply.