Meet the Defenders: Protecting Us From a Deadly Outbreak

28 May
18:15 - 21:00
Level 6 Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side), Sydney NSW 2000
Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
Level 6 Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side), Sydney NSW 2000

The Defenders are here to fight deadly diseases and prevent infections in Australia and around the globe. They may not have superhuman powers but each scientist is on a mission to protect against specific diseases that burden and sometimes even kill people. They tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the world and when they come together, they’re stronger than ever.

These scientists often work away in highly secure labs where they outside world can’t venture but they do exist and the work they do is literally saving lives.

This event allows you to meet the defenders and get a unique and engaging glimpse into some of research being done to combat infection at CSIRO - Australia’s national science agency, the Garvan Institute, and medical institutes worldwide.

• Cathy Foley leads a science research team that is helping to treat and prevent diseases, benefitting millions of people around the globe.
• Andy Bean is an expert in the immune system and is working to develop better treatments and vaccines, and improve disease diagnosis in humans and animals.
• Rebecca Johnson focuses on the discovery and characterisation of new viruses from Australian fruit bats to find these viruses before they cause the next outbreak.
• Seán O’Donoghue magnifies viruses up to a billion times bringing us closer than ever to understanding how they function and evolve.