Marketing to the Machines: Why Algorithms Will Define the Future of Everything

A stimulating exploration of the powerful and all pervasive nature of algorithms today: what they are, where they’ve come from, how they’ll change our futures and why you can’t afford to ignore them.

From the mundane through to the fundamentally life-changing (and even life-defining), this provocative talk will examine the many and far reaching impacts of algorithms on our daily lives and culture, the challenges they present to marketers and approaches to effectively market to the machines.

We will start off by demystifying algorithms, explaining how at their core they are relatively benign and conceptually easy to understand. We’ll focus on their application from the most trivial (for instance, the way BuzzFeed uses algorithms to identify the optimum kitten story), to the slightly more important influences (such as the way Facebook’s Newsfeed impacts on our social circle and how it determines the people we interact with most). We’ll explore how algorithms will shape the way we acquire and employ knowledge, how they will reframe ethics and morality, and ultimately how they can help solve some of life’s most existential questions.

Algorithms are pivotal to the future of love, war, religion, humanity’s place in the universe, and even the birth of new lifeforms! 

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