MakerSpace &company Design Dinners: S L O W

MakerSpace Design Dinners: S L O W
27 May 2016
18:30 - 21:30
MakerSpace &company, 1/17 Barclay St, Marrickville NSW 2204

Something special happens when good people gather over great food and great design. The Design Dinners premise is simple: every couple of months we host a dinner party in the warehouse with a new theme. Entry is free, tickets are limited, and the ticket you select is your commitment to contribute that part of the meal.

Food, drink, the things we eat from and off, the rituals of serving, the ambient scene are all open to your consideration for the theme. In fact, you are expected to consider at least some of these and share the story behind your contribution.

Anyone can join our Dinners, as long as you are excited about participating. This will be our third Design Dinner this year, bringing together a very special community.

The theme in May is: the S L O W Dinner. Unlike any dinner party you've attended before, the more thought you put into your contribution, the better it becomes. The evening will include some making demonstrations, a tour of the Makerspace, an abundance of delicious food and truly excellent company.

The Slow Food movement began 30 years ago in Rome, Italy, in reaction to the culturally oblivious proliferation of McDonalds and other mass-produced fast food. In 2016, what does Slow Food - and slow design - mean to you? What could it mean? Is it about hyper-local ingredients? Taking the time to revive old techniques and dishes? Is it about rituals of slowing down and sharing with your community? How can you make us experience your ideas through food, and all the things that surround the meal?