Algae is the New Black

09 Jun
18:00 - 19:30
Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
Free event - registration required

Did you know that 50 per cent of the world’s oxygen comes from algae? That bloom you see in your local river contributes more to the planet than you could know.

It is only now that we are realising the potential of this ‘green gold’. Through the Deep Green Biotech Hub led by UTS, the NSW Government has invested to develop algae as ‘the latest sustainable resource’. Cultivating, programming and harvesting this naturally occurring organism is the frontier for next-generation medicines, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, food and drink as well as plastics, fuel, industrial chemicals and animal feed.

Get ready to completely change your perception of algae as you hear about your future from leading scientists and industry experts about the importance and benefits of this fantastic living organism.

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