Leading Teams for Creativity

Leading Teams for Creativity
30 May
06 Jun
12 Jun
17:30 - 19:30
Sydney Campus, 55 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000
University of Newcastle Sydney Campus
Sydney Campus, 55 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000

Build your skills in leading teams to generate creative outcomes. The key focus of this interactive course is on fostering the best conditions for generating inventive solutions and achieving better results. For leaders, it is imperative that team members at all levels are inspired to contribute to ideation and the generation of creative solutions, in order to achieve desired goals.

Your own leadership style will be enriched through a collaborative approach that bolsters existing skills.  There is no one right way to fathom problems and often finding the best solution is difficult. The factors influencing the team vary depending on the individuals involved and from situation to situation. The outcome depends on the involvement, reactions and biases of the leader and team. Leaders must strive to ensure that the outcome maximises the demands of most stakeholders, especially the end user, the customer, the client.

In this creative leadership course you’ll:

  • enhance your leadership skills, including inspiring and maintaining collaboration in teams and encouraging resourcefulness
  • gain an understanding of the form and features of collaboration in the creative process
  • develop an understanding of the challenges faced by creative teams
  • discover what tools best support creative teams.

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