Kings Bloody Cross: When Push Came to Shove

Kings Bloody Cross - When Push Came to Shove
04 Jun 2017
11:15 - 12:30
The World Bar, 24 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross NSW 2011


The Sydney Push was a zeitgeist led by writers, journalists, criminals, bohemians and feminists (think Germaine Greer, Wendy Bacon, Margaret Fink, Clive James) who scorned traditional values, practiced free love and vehemently opposed political conservatism. Fuelled by a potent mix of ideas, talks, alcohol and fornication, The Push gathered in Sydney pubs, cafes and backyards, sharing maverick opinions about society's status quo.

Hear from former Push members — Film producer Margaret Fink (My Brilliant Career, Candy), and long-time friend, Journalist and Activist Wendy Bacon (Honorary Professor at the Australian Centre for Independant Journalism).

Host: James Valentine
Guests: Margaret Fink, Wendy Bacon

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This session is part of a curated season of raw and riveting 'in conversation' events featuring Kings Cross luminaries. Rub shoulders with artists, idealists and opportunists and hear fascinating stories about 'ungentrified' Sydney — the heady days of rock 'n' roll, free love, corruption, opportunity, sex and politics during the twentieth century. Presented over three weekends, Kings Bloody Cross will engage audiences with thrilling insight into the dirty half mile's people, bohemia and place. 

Curated by Olivia Ansell. 

Presented by Live Ideas and Working Management.

Image credit: Brian Bird

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