FROM THE HORSES MOUTH! Everyone has a story about Kings Cross.Celebrated playwright, author and screenwriter Louis Nowra describs the neighbourhood...

Kings Bloody Cross: From the Horses Mouth!


The World Bar
2011 NSW

Kings Bloody Cross - From the horses Mouth

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Everyone has a story about Kings Cross.

Celebrated playwright, author and screenwriter Louis Nowra describs the neighbourhood as a no-holds-barred place where backpackers, prostitutes, strippers, chefs, mad men, poets, beggars, booksellers, doctors, gangsters, sailors, musicians, drug dealers, eccentrics, judges and artists live side by side. Part flaneur, part historian and part eyewitness, Louis Nowra is the best possible guide to a place that is both real and a state of mind. 

Hear from a cast of frascinating characters who came, who saw and who still live to tell the tale.

Host: Louis Nowra
Guests: Elizabeth Burton and guests as featured in Kings Cross - An Autobiography

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This session is part of a curated season of raw and riveting 'in conversation' events featuring Kings Cross luminaries. Rub shoulders with artists, idealists and opportunists and hear fascinating stories about 'ungentrified' Sydney — the heady days of rock 'n' roll, free love, corruption, opportunity, sex and politics during the twentieth century. Presented over three weekends, Kings Bloody Cross will engage audiences with thrilling insight into the dirty half mile's people, bohemia and place. 

Curated by Olivia Ansell. 

Presented by Live Ideas and Working Management.