Innovation Catalyser: Speed Dating for Idea Development 2018

31 May
18:00 - 20:00
Level 4, The Gallery, 11 York St, Sydney 2000
Stone & Chalk
Level 4, The Gallery, 11 York St, Sydney 2000

Creativity knows no bounds. Come along to this all-in, adventurous thinking extravaganza for ideas development at Stone & Chalk that promises endless textas, paper, idea fermentation and interpretive dance!

This exciting session will begin with introductory drinks, followed by light-speed Adventurous Thinking exercises designed to help advance, repurpose and refine your big idea. Bring a project you are hoping to get off the ground or just come as a concept catalyst to help others make their ideas better.

Ringmaster Sally Dominguez will demonstrate and exercise thinking ‘lenses’ based on the Adventurous Thinking strategy called The Five Lenses she delivers at Stanford and NASA. Gleaned from architectural charrettes, design thinking, and methodologies for visual and disruptive thinking, the Five Lens System is an effective parallel thinking process that provides five distinct and extreme points of view in a simple, comprehensible format. This process is combined with the expert knowledge of the user to produce diverse, prolific ideas and unexpected solutions.

A key premise behind the Five Lenses is a willingness to fail. Learning to practice small daily failures, and to ideate prolifically without fear of failure, is central to effective creative thinking and problem-solving. Fast-moving activities and the practice of experimental failure creates a lively, humorous atmosphere conducive to creativity – and fun!

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