Innovation Catalyser

accelerated incubator innovation catalyser one night only!
01 Jun 2017
18:00 - 20:00
50 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Stone & Chalk

Working at the pointy end of innovation, multi-award-winning international innovators Sally Dominguez and Mark Pesce understand the innovation mindset. Known for their work as judges on ABC's New Inventors and for their pioneering innovation in tech (Mark), design thinking and product design (Sally) your hosts will be adding advice and commentary during this creative ideas mixer. Join Sally and Mark to experience the exhilaration of thinking outside your "expert" neural pathways in this fast-paced, immersive ADVENTUROUS THINKING Catalyser for Intense Idea Generation.

In the time-honoured tradition of "Drinking and Thinking" an opening beverage will relax your working memory and allow your creative sparks to fly - so arrive on time!  opener relaxes your working memory and a series of ADVENTUROUS THINKING exercises using the Five Lens tools. The evening will proceed through the bearable discomfort of Parkour disruption, the advanced design thinking of Sideways Thinking and the architectural mindset of Negative Space. Pushing your thinking outside its expert comfort zone creates new neural pathways. Apply these tools to your vexing problem for a profusion of solutions, or come as an Agitator and feel the rush of carefree prolific ideation.

ADVENTUROUS THINKING incorporates the best of design thinking, maker thinking, empathy and disruptive thinking and augments it with tools gleaned from over a decade of expert frugal innovation practice and observation.  It has proven successful in provoking unexpected solutions and engaging diverse age groups, racial groups including non-English speaking professionals, and has been successfully applied to education curriculums, product design and business strategy.  ADVENTUROUS THINKING takes the latest research on neuroplasticity and translates it into tools and techniques that allow every user to be more actively and consistently innovative.

Multi-award-winning frugal innovator Sally Dominguez is the architect of the Adventurous Thinking strategy and teaches it at Stanford University and to companies including NASA labs, Genentech, Breville and Sandisk. 

ADVENTUROUS THINKING amplifies creative thinking, promotes consistent innovation and assists in making systems, products and strategies more robust and sustainable. 

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