“There is a paradigm shift in financial services occurring, driven by technology, with new business models emerging”  Unlocking potential...

IDEACTION: Modular Innovation Program in FinTech


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EACTION: Modular Innovation Lab in FinTech

Event Details

“There is a paradigm shift in financial services occurring, driven by technology, with new business models emerging”  

Unlocking potential: The FinTech opportunity for Sydney KPMG report Oct 2014

Expanding on the financial technology opportunity for Sydney, the Ideaction Modular Innovation Program Launch is part of the Vivid Ideas program at Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas. Hosted by Tyro Fintech Hub the evening will launch a pilot innovation program to foster and implement relevant ideas in Fintech.

“A key to building the Sydney Fintech ecosystem is providing opportunities for start-ups to interact with each other, with regulators, mentors and advisors, financial services businesses, both big and small, so we all can share knowledge and enable the best ideas to win. Balancing collaboration and competition is critical for the sector to thrive and this event is a good step towards achieving that.” Jost Stollmann, Executive Director of Tyro Payments.

The launch event will explore tools to empower Sydney’s Fintech community to turn innovation into action. Participants will be guided through interactive discussions around the phases of the Modular Innovation Program pilot, creating a best practice framework for identifying innovation needs, generating solutions, and implementing ideas.

Speakers already confirmed for this launch event include:

  • Michael Saadat, Senior Exec Leader, ASIC's Deposit Takers, Credit & Insurers (NEW)
  • Dilip Rao, Managing Director - Asia Pacific, Ripple Labs (NEW)
  • Craig Swanger, CEO, Investible (Venture Capital) (NEW)
  • Alex Scandarra, CEO, Stone & Chalk (NEW)
  • Greg Nichelsen, Head of Customer Insight & Analytics, BT Financial Group
  • Jost Stollman, Executive Director of Tyro Payments
  • Andrew Rothwell, Co-Founder of Tyro Payments and Startmate mentor
  • Chris Brycki, Founder of Stockspot, Australia's first online, automated investment adviser and fund manager
  • Doug Morris, General Manager of Sharesight
  • Xavier Rizos, Garage Principal - Deputy to the Garage Director, Westpac
  • Kim Heras, Organiser of the Sydney Fintech StartUps Meetup and General Partner of startup studio 25fifteen

Presented in partnership by A Connected Event and Ideaction 

For more details on the event click here 

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About the venue - Tyro FinTech HUB

This is Australia's first dedicated space for FinTech companies, opened in February 2015. It takes up the entire 3rd floor of Tyro's new offcies. Located just 250m from Martin Place, at 155 Clarence St, Sydney.

Tyro's FinTech hub offers co-working spaces, API co-development and co-marketing platforms. It will also host accelerators, hackathons, meetups, plus more to build up Australia's small but rapidly growing FinTech community. 

We are very proud to be supported by Tyro FinTech Hub for this Vivid Ideas.


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