Forward-thinking creatives are making the most of emerging technologies; creating captivating experiences and stories, inventing new ways as they go.Clever...

Creative Idea or Created Technology: What Came First?


Museum of Contemporary Art
2000 NSW

Creative Idea or Created Technology:  What Came First?


Tim Clapham

Creative Director, Luxx

Creative Director at Luxx, Tim Clapham is a multi-disciplinary Director, Designer and Animator.

Luxx is a boutique motion graphics and 3D animation studio based in Sydney, creating innovative and cutting edge design for Broadcast, Advertising and Digital Delivery.  

He is an industry recognised expert and a renowned trainer with a meticulous attention to detail. Evolving from a foundation in traditional animation using both Film and Video, Tim transitioned into the digital domain and has forged a solid career in the world of Motion Graphics. With over fifteen years of industry experience, he has worked with a wide range of global advertising agencies and broadcast networks, producing world-class content that is both innovative and technically challenging.

Tim tweets @helloluxx 



Susana Alarcon

Susana Alarcon

Design Lab, USYD

Susana Alarcon is a designer who is passionate about using technologies in the service of improving people’s lives. 

She is tutor at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning and a member of the Robotics and Digital Fabrication team at the Digital Modeling and Fabrication Lab of Sydney University. There, she helps students gain technical skills across hardware and software platforms for prototyping and building sensor-based interfaces.

She started her career as an Industrial Designer in her home country Mexico, where she spent some years designing display systems, furniture and audio equipment - using technology mainly in digital fabrication processes.

Inspired by the work of electronic artists and to gain more skills in technology design and development, she moved to Sydney to complete a Masters in Interaction Design and Electronic Arts, specialising in user-research. Her study focused on human-computer interactions and the development of creative machines and interfaces. Susana has collaborated with different electronic artists and exhibited her projects at the Powerhouse museum as part of Sydney Design Week and Sydney Makers Faire.

Empowered by technology, she recognised the potential of design in enhancing life and promoting wellbeing, especially in the disability sector. This led her to pursue a PhD degree at DesignLab. Her current research is dedicated in understanding sensory processing differences in autistic children and their impact on daily activities, in order to design assistive technology that can support them. 

Jordan Hatch

Jordan Hatch

Digital Transformation Office

Jordan Hatch joined the Digital Transformation Office in 2015 to help spearhead the Australian Government’s reform of online service delivery. Here he is working on the government’s digital strategy, and creating an environment that will support rapid service transformation across Australian Government departments and agencies.

Jordan came to Australia from the United Kingdom where he worked as a developer and product manager at the Government Digital Service. He helped lead the digital transformation of government services across the UK, making public services digital by default, and simpler, clearer and faster to use. This included work on the GOV.UK website, which received about two billion visits in its first two years of operation.

Jordan was also an advisor to former European Commissioner Neelie Kroes on digital issues affecting young people in Europe. He worked as part of a group of inspiring young people to help motivate, encourage and shape a digital society, and to highlight the mismatches between expectations of young people and current digital policy initiatives or plans.

He was also instrumental in founding and launching the Europe Code Week initiative to help drive, develop and promote coding skills amongst young people across Europe.


Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper

Managing Director, Tricky Jigsaw

Ben Cooper is equal parts digital strategist, creative and technologist, a unique skillset honed alongside the evolution of the medium. With 18 years experience across London, Zurich and Sydney, he is regarded internationally as a forward thinker in this space.
Since March 2014, Cooper has headed the Digital, Social and Innovation capabilities at M&C Saatchi across the group's ten businesses. In May 2014, the company launched the world-first shark detection system 'Clever Buoy'. The project has gone on to win international innovation accolades that include seven Cannes Lions and the coveted Titanium, SXSW, SPIKES Grand Prix, IAB MIXX Gold 'Can't be contained' category and WARC Grand Prix. The Buoy, most importantly, has been backed in a $16m shark mitigation pledge from the NSW government.
Building on this success, Ben has built Tricky Jigsaw, a product, services and experiments business focused on marketing-led innovation. One year in, clients include Optus, CBA, Lexus and Nearmap.  
Ben also runs the Australian arm of the international digital collective Creative Social, recently published in its Hacker, Maker, Teacher, Thief: Advertising's Next Generation. Prior to M&C Saatchi he held senior digital roles at creative and content agency The Monkeys, social media start-up The Population, creative agency Host and brand experience agency The One Centre.
He is inspired by what is achievable with passionate, curious people unbound by convention.

Event Details

Forward-thinking creatives are making the most of emerging technologies; creating captivating experiences and stories, inventing new ways as they go.

Clever Buoy: a world-first smart ocean buoy calibrated to detect sharks, developed by the Optus Network and MC Saatchi. 

Another is the ‘Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented’, created to physically sign a petition on behalf of DMD children who’ve lost the ability to write.  

But how do these breakthroughs happen?

Was it the creative idea that pushed technological boundaries, or did access to emerging technologies inspire the creative idea?

Does what come first really matter? Is one way better than the other? And if so, discover how and why.

We have invited several very different speakers, pioneers in their own right, to give their point of view, and share examples of the role of technology in their creative inspiration, process and work.


This event is presented by AGDA.


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