Join us in 2016 to discover The Neuroscience of Creative Thinking and what you can do to spark your imagination to lead innovative teams and...

i4 Tales: The Neuroscience of Creative Thinking


Billy Blue College of Design
2007 NSW

i4 Tales: The Neuroscience of Creative Thinking


Silvia Damiano

Silvia Damiano

Founder & CEO, About My Brain Institute

Scientist, educator, author, speaker, award-winning leadership expert, global business consultant, coach, inventor, entrepreneur. Silvia Damiano is the creator, thought leader and master trainer of the i4 Neuroleader Model, Assessment Tool & Program, founding The About my Brain Institute with the purpose of democratising leadership & neuroscience.

Kaushik Ram

Kaushik Ram

Founder of MovGen, Neuroscientist & Pioneer of the Flow State Protocol

Kaushik completed his PhD in 2013. As part of his PhD he used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and mathematical models to detect how much of the brain architecture can be subjected to adaptation. After finishing his PhD he worked for an investment company improving cognitive performance metrics such as decision making and pattern recognition.

He now has his own business pioneering the Flow State Protocol - a program that benefits the body in a manner that is cognitively stimulating and fun at the same time.

Gary Bertwistle

Gary Bertwistle

Innovation Guru

Innovation Guru. Speaker. Author. Host of The Mojo Radio Show, Co-Founder Tour de Cure; Founder 6Strings4Cancer.

Event Details

Join us in 2016 to discover The Neuroscience of Creative Thinking and what you can do to spark your imagination to lead innovative teams and organisations. 

i4 Tales is an interactive event orgainsed by the About my Brain Institute packed with amazing facilitated talks led by high calibre speakers. You will experience fun and engaging activities that will leave you energised and keen to apply what you have learnt back into your life.



Registrations, Networking & Brunch: 
11:30am - 12:30pm

Event Start & Finish: 
12:30pm - 3:00pm

Billy Blue College of Design
Level 1, 46-52 Mountain Street
Ultimo NSW 2007

As we evolve in the understanding of how our brains work, it is essential to re-learn new ways of being, working and connecting with others from different walks of life. 

The i4 Tales is an intimate event that opens up the sharing of experiences and stories, with the objective of encouraging attendees to explore their innate abilities of imagination, intuition, inspiration and brain integration. Learning how to tap into these abilities can unlock anyone’s potential to become more productive and fulfilled at work and in life!

When it comes to organisations, educational institutions and society in general, the i4 Tales teachings will help teams to challenge their current practises, performance & re-think how to be more collaborative, innovative & agile. 

A culture is created by the behaviours, habits and brains of those who are part of it. Each and every person plays an important role in it. Educating ourselves in how to optimise our brains can result in more engaging and brain-friendly workplaces and communities.

Learn about your brain and explore your imagination, intuition & inspiration with an eclectic group of people!

While this event is directed to business leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants and educators, the concepts that will be shared can be applied by any person from any industry. The purpose of i4 Tales is to bring a diverse group of people together, from all walks of life and from very different disciplines. Rub shoulders with business people, leadership consultants, scientists, teachers, health professionals, artists, designers and everyone in between.

Expand your horizons, reinvent yourself and discover how to thrive in the economy of the 21st Century.

Nurturing your second brain

The gut has 100 million neurons and it is connected to our nervous system. When the gut is not working well, it affects the brain's cognitive capabilities. Part of the i4 Tales experience is to keep your gut healthy and enhance your performance and well being during the day! All the senses will be tantalised with a handmade chocolate degustation, a scrumptious brain friendly brunch and a refreshing super smoothie bar. Thank you to our sponsors Amazonia & Del Solar Chocolates Tejas for their wonderful and delicious contributions!

i4 Tales 2016 will include a variety of highly stimulating speakers, who will share their knowledge, stories and strategies in a facilitated fashion, on how to activate our imagination, understand how the brain learns best and how to lead innovative teams and organisations.

Silvia Damiano, Founder & CEO of the About my Brain Institute
What most people know as the “eureka’ moment, usually occurs when we fail to solve a problem and then the ‘aha’ or a sudden realisation of how to solve it emerges in our brains. Creativity has always been a fascinating topic of study and now that researchers can use machines to measure brain activity and identify ‘how’ and ‘where’ these ‘aha’ moments take place, the study of creativity is being taken to a new level. Learning about the neuroscience of creativity can help us understand and develop mechanisms to foster divergent thinking so we can be more resourceful in solving problems at work and in life.
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Gary Bertwistle, Innovation Guru 
Our most competitive advantage is our ability to think differently. To create options to better solve problems for ourselves, our customers or clients. In this session, you will learn practical, real life, tips and tools to help you and your team unlock great ideas. Designed to challenge, evoke, stimulate and shift our thinking, Gary Bertwistle has built his reputation on providing practical, relatable but most importantly accessible, approaches to creativity, imagination and innovation.
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Kaushik Ram, PHD Founder of MovGen, Neuroscientist & Pioneer of the Flow State Protocol
Everything that we do is potentially enjoyable. Yet, in the absence of brain-body coherence a conflict arises. The difference between what we think, say and do drives competition among brain networks. For many, this conflict hinders daily activities and instead of enjoyment, there is frustration in trying to plan and make sense of right decisions. In this session, Dr. Kaushik Ram will teach us how to achieve cognitive flexibility to enhance our implicit intelligence so we can harmonise the flow of life and produce more creative insights.
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Matt Jackson, Founder of Affectors
Matt Jackson regularly trains the world’s leading brands to understand creativity by applying it to the way people work and live. Matt believes everyone has the ability to be creative and that creativity can be applied to any activity. In fact, the application of it, is the only way Matt believes people can develop an understanding of what creativity is. The barrier that most people come up against is that they think creativity is a trait possessed by a select few and that it is separate from the context of their daily activities. As part of this event, Matt will be sharing his experiences as an influencer for Adobe in Los Angeles, as well as the daily habits and rituals he uses as well as the creative tools that have been adopted by the world’s leading brands.
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Pannel Interview: Olivier Duvillard & Melinda Hills, Ultraceuticals
CEO Olivier Duvillard and Consultant Melinda Hills will be interviewed about their journey in developing a brain friendly culture at Australian company, Ultraceuticals. Using the latest neuroscience research and the i4 Neuroleader Model as the key ingredients in this transformation, they will share the ideas, strategies and commitments which emerged through co-creation, discussions & thought leadership in the last 12 months. With the application of the i4 Methodology, the people at Ultraceuticals have been able to create a more productive & innovative environment which is enhancing their human experience at work.
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The About my Brain Institute designs brain based tools and experiences to democratise leadership & neuroscience. Our i4 Neuroleader Methodology, educational programs & digital tools aim to help you rediscover the inner core abilities required to lead and thrive in this ever-changing world.


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