lay energizes us and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natur al sense of optimism and opensResearch shows the industrial method of...

How Play With Purpose Can Create a Revolution in Your Organisation


Museum of Contemporary Art
2000 NSW

Play with purpose

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lay energizes us and enlivens us. It e
ases our burdens. It renews our natur
al sense of optimism and opens

Research shows the industrial method of business & education and our desire to relentlessly motivate people is killing innovation and creativity in our workplaces. CEOs say they have more 'doers' than 'thinkers' and yet in business, we need to become both.

In this workshop, Melissa Browne and Rod Soper will show how you can support your people to move from rules-based, glass-half-full conformists to engaged, creative and critical thinkers. They'll discuss, share and play with the concept of building a successful organisation through a culture of purposeful play by looking at rules, stories, psychological safety, how to play, perfectionism and failure. 

You'll spend time playing during the workshop so you can discover for yourselves just why play with purpose is so important for a healthy, vibrant, successful organisation.The aim is for you to  walk away not just excited by a new concept but equipped with new tools so you can become the protagonist who starts a revolution through play in your organisation.

This event is perfect for leaders, managers, business owners, educators and creatives.

Mel and Rod bring their unique skillset of creativity, business acumen, entrepreneurship, educational change and research to this discussion. Mel is a serial entrepreneur, owning an accounting firm (A&TA), financial planning business (The Money Barre) and is co-founder with Rod of Thinkers.inq the first early years school of its kind in Australia and Thinkers.inq consulting, a play-based consulting firm.  She also writes a fortnightly column on money for the SMH well & has two innovative business & finance books, More Money for Shoes & Fabulous but Broke.

Rod is a lead educationalist, a thought leader, a leadership design consultant and has written a number of research papers around pedagogy and leadership redesign. Through their own businesses & their work with SME's, educators and large corporations they are uniquely positioned to discuss why purposeful play is so important today - both from an ROI, research and leadership platform.

This event is presented by Thinkers.inq Consulting and A&TA.


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