Engagement has been the buzzword on the lips of media makers, journalists and marketers for the last few years. Many have been incorporating user-generated...

How Co-Creative Media is Connecting Communities and Unlocking Australia’s Creative Potential


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How Co-Creative Media is Connecting Communities


Maddy Macfarlane

Maddy Macfarlane

Community Radio Broadcaster

Maddy Macfarlane has been broadcasting at Melbourne’s music-focused community radio station, PBS FM, since 2006. She currently hosts a weekly Australian music program Homebrew and delivers radio announcer training.

Since 2013, Maddy has combined her radio practice with PhD research to explore Australian community radio as an important locus for local music research. This practice-driven research has focused on collaborative radio-making and community media training. 

Maddy’s work has been recognised by CBAA, having received awards for Best Radio Documentary in 2014, for What We Talk About When We Talk About Music, a half-hour piece made with musicians from Melbourne’s Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, and in 2015 for Excellence in Training for her part in The Collaborative Radio Project, a radio-skills and audio story-making training program for new communities.

Christina Spurgeon

Christina Spurgeon

Senior Lecturer, Journalism, Media and Communication

Christina Spurgeon is a Senior Lecturer in Journalism, Media and Communication at the Creative Industries Faculty, Queensland University of Technology. She has led three Australian Research Council Linkage with Industry projects. Most recent was a national study of the Australian ‘co-creative’ media system, and its contribution to building population-wide capacities for problem-solving through storytelling and creative expression.

Chris has a media/communications policy and community radio background, and is the current Chair of the Community Media Training Organisation. She also has an enduring interest in ‘media-on-media’ and presently serves on the editorial board of Media International Australia, and edits 3CMedia: Journal of Community, Citizen’s, and Third Sector Media.

Her book, Advertising and New Media, was published by Routledge in 2008.

Scott Gamble

Scott Gamble

Manager Audience Content and Partnerships, ABC Regional Radio

Scott Gamble is Manager of Audience Content and Partnerships for ABC Regional. This role includes heading up ABC Open, a project that invites everyday Australians to collaborate with professional producers to develop content.

Scott has worked extensively as a television producer and director, creating factual, entertainment and arts programming for Australian and International broadcasters.

Event Details

Engagement has been the buzzword on the lips of media makers, journalists and marketers for the last few years. Many have been incorporating user-generated content into their strategies to forge a deeper, two-way connection with their audiences.

Now, there is a new frontier in collaborative and participatory media, which unlocks the creative potential of Australian communities by sharing diverse voices in interesting ways, connecting community members and building a distinctly Australian media culture.

Community radio and public broadcasters, with their commitment to inclusion and community focus, have risen as thought leaders in this co-creative media space.

Come to this interactive session to hear about and experience how co-creative media is impacting on engagement, creating and supporting creative communities, and what this means for the media makers and community-minded for the future.

This event is presented by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.


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