How Co-Creative Media is Connecting Communities and Unlocking Australia’s Creative Potential

How Co-Creative Media is Connecting Communities
07 Jun 2016
18:00 - 19:30
UTS Dr Chau Chak Wing Building (Level 2, Building 8), 14-28 Ultimo Rd, Ultimo NSW 2007

Engagement has been the buzzword on the lips of media makers, journalists and marketers for the last few years. Many have been incorporating user-generated content into their strategies to forge a deeper, two-way connection with their audiences.

Now, there is a new frontier in collaborative and participatory media, which unlocks the creative potential of Australian communities by sharing diverse voices in interesting ways, connecting community members and building a distinctly Australian media culture.

Community radio and public broadcasters, with their commitment to inclusion and community focus, have risen as thought leaders in this co-creative media space.

Come to this interactive session to hear about and experience how co-creative media is impacting on engagement, creating and supporting creative communities, and what this means for the media makers and community-minded for the future.

This event is presented by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.


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