FOUNDER & CEO BUZZFEED, MEDIA VISIONARYBuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti disrupts traditional notions of media to focus on how audiences seek, share and...

Game-Changer: Jonah Peretti


2 Angel Pl
2000 NSW

City Recital Hall
Jonah Peretti

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BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti disrupts traditional notions of media to focus on how audiences seek, share and engage with content. It’s why he’s been called the ‘web’s king of viral content’.

In his Vivid Ideas Game-Changer talk, Peretti will discuss the growth of BuzzFeed from a small, experimental lab creating and tracking viral content to its position as a global news and entertainment cross-platform network read by millions. He’ll reveal insights gained regarding the intersection of technology and creativity, the importance of the human element in framing content and his vision for the evolution of the media and creative endeavour in the social age.

Peretti has long been fascinated by the viral sharing and spreading of ideas. This curiosity drove him as one of the founders of the Huffington Post, and is the heart of BuzzFeed’s DNA. BuzzFeed prides itself on its innovation-obsessed culture operating within the structure of a venture-backed tech company.

With its focus on distributing content across platforms and social networks, BuzzFeed reimagines ‘the front page’ and steps beyond traditional reporting to participate in creating memes, news and internet culture.

In this future-forward media outlet, respected news content sits side-by-side with cat memes, and the business model moves away from banner ads to native advertising and collaborative brand content creation. BuzzFeed is the bellringer of a media future that focuses on audiences not only consuming content, but on how they share it as well. Its highly engaged audience consumes BuzzFeed content across more than 30 platforms that is relevant and connected to their lives, easily shareable, and globally accessible. In this model people become a key part of the distribution network, with ramifications for rethinking media consumption.

An Australian first and Vivid Sydney exclusive.

When: 28 May

Where: City Recital Hall

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