“To see the world”“I want to be there for my family”“It helps me manage my mental/physical health”“I’m...

The Future of Work is Freelance


2010 NSW

The Future of Work is Freelance

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“To see the world”
“I want to be there for my family”
“It helps me manage my mental/physical health”
“I’m a rebel and find working with others a difficult task”
“Office politics leave me cold”
“I want a work life worth meaning”
“To make more money”
“The freedom to be who I am”

These answers and more are given by freelancers in Australia when discussing their motivations for choosing the solopreneur life. But what is the reality of the situation?

Job insecurity, worries about the future and the desire to create a working life with meaning are the fuel of the freelance life. As we move towards a world where even the most applied and most team orientated player is but a line in a balance sheet to a profit hungry HQ, more and more Australians are seeing freelancing as the answer.

The promise of work-life balance, calling the shots and choosing the clients you service hold a sensational amount of appeal. Yet within the freelance working life, there are challenges. Chasing payments, scheduling work, wearing many hats, working the room and producing the work are but a few of the challenges faced. Isolation, self doubt and overwork also plague the freelance sector.

So what are the true realities of life on the freelance coalface? Is it really the future of the Australian workforce? And if so, how can you get slice of the action?

Bringing together a panel of experts who not only freelance but also work hard for the vested interests of the Australian freelance community, The Future of Work is Freelance is about exploring freelancing in an honest and positive way.

We’ll cover landscape such as what it’s like to freelance in Australia, the challenges faced plus a special highlight on key areas such as developing a client base, presenting yourself well in the market, managing stress and issues, and finding the right support on your journey.

This panel discussion is designed to give you proper information on how to freelance well in Australia while also having your voices heard on the future of freelance. Whether you are considering taking the plunge or you’re an old salt in the freelance world, we welcome you.