Factory Design District: Maker Meditations Show & Tell

Factory Design District: Maker meditations - Show & Tell
04 Jun 2016
11:30 - 12:30
901 Bourke St, Waterloo NSW 2017

Bring along an object you have made, moulded, cut, stitched, hammered or crafted. Led by design writer Penny Craswell, who will discuss the importance of making in our rushed, screen-obsessed lives, participants will split into groups to talk about what their object and the act of making means to them.

Guest speakers include Andrew Simpson, who has designed everything from high fashion, furniture and medical equipment as well as flat-pack DIY rowboats and sailing boats, and Sarah Rice, an art and design theorist, poet and philosopher who will discuss the 'why' of making.

The Factory Design District event has a focus on authentic, original design that is innovative, locally made and both economically and environmentally sustainable. All exhibitors participating in the event are of the highest quality and hold these values at the core of their business.

In contrast to other existing design exhibitions, Factory Design District is a presentation of wholly curated and considered Australian design and manufacturing.


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