How can artists and designers make social change? Do Good, Be Good is a symposium about art and creative work that both makes meaning and catalyses change...

Do Good, Be Good: Conference


2006 NSW

Steve Lambert - Sand Ocean Sky - The Commons

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How can artists and designers make social change?

Do Good, Be Good is a symposium about art and creative work that both makes meaning and catalyses change. Thinkers from the worlds of art, design and performance are coming together to:

  • Advance understanding of art with impact in changing behaviours and conditions

  • Build support structures for socially engaged art

  • Explain the diversity of approaches and strategies for making work with meaning

  • Discuss how we evaluate and quantify the impact of engaged projects.

In this half-day event, leading Australian and international practitioners will present short presentations and participate in a series of conversations exploring the both the ethical and aesthetic considerations that arise in socially engaged projects.



1.00pm : Session 1

TIME - comparing outsider vs embedded approaches

  • Moderated by Paul Dwyer (Senior Lecturer, Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Sydney)

  • Artist and activist Steve Lambert explains his work in public space, creating work that he takes to various places, and engaging the diverse communities within them

  • Genevieve Grieves will discuss her work in countering racism and empowering Indigenous communities


2.10pm : Session 2

PLACE - highly localised vs globally distributed projects

  • Moderated by Jess Scully (Vivid Ideas Curator)

  • Australian-born, US-based artist Natalie Jerimijenko will take us through her work at NYU and establishing the Environmental Health Clinic - developing and prescribing systems that improve local human and environmental health.

  • Designer Yoko Akama will detail the role design can play in building strength-based approaches to empowering communities


3.00pm : Introduction to The Drip Feed

  • Rebecca Conroy takes us through The Drip Feed, an online portal for the community arts and small to medium sector: a go-to place for new thinking, a guide to opportunities and callouts, a portfolio for projects, connecting the local and international stages.


3.35pm : Session 3

OUTCOMES - measuring impact and generating action

  • Moderated by Rebecca Conroy (The Drip Feed)

  • Artist Patricia Hoeppe will discuss drawing in audiences in her work, to performatively examine unresolved social situations

  • Jill Bennett explains how she’s quantifying the impact of her projects, working with people with anxiety and dementia


Towards the end of the symposium, the speakers will come together in a panel discussing conclusions, with the outcome of producing tangible next steps and furthering the dialogue of creating art and driving social change. There will also be an opportunity for Audience Q&A.

Do Good Be Good will provide useful case studies for models that have worked around Australia and the world and will suggest research and reporting methodologies that can measure the impact of arts in communities, causes and campaigns.

This event is presented by Vivid Ideas, Sydney Ideas and the Seymour Centre. You may also be interested in the Do Good, Be Good: Keynote


Image: Steve Lambert: Sand Ocean Sky - The Commons (2009)

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