DIGITAL PUBLICS SYMPOSIUM - "DIGITAL PLACEMAKING – NEW URBAN LANDSCAPES"The Digital Placemaking Institute and Urban Screen Productions...

Digital Publics Symposium


Greens Road
2021 NSW

UNSW Arts and Design

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The Digital Placemaking Institute and Urban Screen Productions present Digital Placemaking and New Urban Landscapes. This 4th Digital Publics Symposium is part of the Vivid Ideas Program 2017.

Building on the previous Digital Publics programs this symposium is set to delve into and unpack what does digital placemaking look like? The symposium is drawing expert speakers from across three key sectors engaged in this emergent area of cultural practice. 

Curated by Urban Screen Productions, Digital Publics will take place at UNSW Art & Design Campus, Paddington, Sydney on Saturday 3rd June 2017, 9.30am till 5.30pm. More detailed information about Digital Publics and registration links can be found at The daylong symposium will conclude with a networking event located near by.


Concurrent with the rise of ubiquitous digital platforms across all sectors of society is the rise of a variety of new approaches and methodologies within placemaking, now known as the digital placemaking practice. This year’s symposium will focus on the discourse of case studies — what has occurred to date across the different digital placemaking projects? What has worked and failed, and why?

With an eye to supporting future activities in this area, the symposium will present three sector focused presentation sessions that corral these oft-discreet practices and projects into a day of cross-pollinated knowledge and an unpacking of the underlying question and drivers.

From the theory to the practice —  the presentations will address methodological questions and practice challenges through case studies and projects. Including covering such practical measures as identifying the types of physical spaces, the infrastructure of those sites, and the communities these case studies engaged with. As well as, what types of digital placemaking activities were undertaken?

Equally the presentations will discuss: what does success looks like and how are these intentions being framed prior to, and qualifying post project delivery? Finally there will be a reflection on patterns to the unique Australian context of many of these projects, and what the innovators in this field need to be looking at moving forward into the next iterations of studies.

The closing panel discussion of the day will reflect on this shared knowledge, asking and answering such questions as:

  • Are there methodological patterns demonstrated in the case studies that indicate an emergent practice? How has the Australian context contributed to the emergence of this new practice in placemaking?
  • How do we streamline the technologies and installations to support new urban landscapes and the digital placemaking movement?  
  • What does success look like?
  • What are the current methods for data collection? Are they effective at indicating success or otherwise?
  • What might be an appropriate measurement and analysis methodology for the digital placemaking moving forward?
  • Where are the gaps in the thinking and case studies? Who or where has been left out? What might the next iterations of case studies focus on?

Digital Publics is a program that brings together the ideas, voices and hands, and technologies that are seeking to redistribute spatial encounters, by redefining both the public and engagement in public spaces. Digital Placemaking offers a new set of contributions to the placemaking approach of creating or renewing public space using technologies old and new.

Digital Placemaking is interested in the layers of connection, engagement and cultural experience made possible by the inclusion of media technologies. This timely one-day symposium brings together the voices of creative practitioners, institutions and researchers who are making new spaces for curious publics.

Digital Publics 2017 builds on the knowledge sharing and discourse of X-Communicate, 2015 presented as part of Vivid ideas  and Digital Publics 2016. This year’s symposium is also a prelude to the 2018 International Media Architecture Conference, Media Architecture Biennale hosted by CAFA – Beijing. MAB18 is organised by the Media Architecture Institute in conjunction with CAFA. Digital Publics will be part of the MAB18 program.


The symposium format includes a series of panel discussions with opening and closing remarks, with a networking event to conclude the day. Times and details are outlined below.

Opening Remarks – 9.30 – 9.45am

  • Symposium Introduction & Opening Remarks – Emma Shearman – Director, Urban Screen Productions
  • Symposium Moderator: Daniel Latorre

Panel One – Digital Placemaking and the Institution – 9.45 – 11.15am

Morning Break: 11.15 – 11.30am

Panel Two: Digital Placemaking and the Arts Sector – 11.30am – 1.00pm

Lunch: 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Panel Three: Digital Placemaking and its voice in academia – 2.00pm – 3.30pm

Afternoon Break: 3.30pm – 3.45pm

Closing Panel: Closing panel with perspectives drawn from all sessions and presented by their chairs – 3.45pm – 5.30pm