Keynote Speaker Gavin McLeod (R/GA)SpeakersTom Uglow (Google)Tim Buesing (Reactive)Bronwyn van der Merwe (Fjord)Charlie Bruton (The Nest)Gavin McLeod (R/GA)When...

Digital Design at the Crossroads


Vivid Ideas Exchange
2000 NSW

Digital Design at the Crossroads

Event Details

Keynote Speaker
Gavin McLeod (R/GA)
Tom Uglow (Google)
Tim Buesing (Reactive)
Bronwyn van der Merwe (Fjord)
Charlie Bruton (The Nest)
Gavin McLeod (R/GA)

When asked what major influences were shaping design, Stefan Sagmeister answered “Technology. And Technology. And Technology”. He’s right of course but it also begs the question of how designers can blend traditional skills (typography, drawing, aesthetics etc.) with the need to be digitally fluent. What role can designers play in a world where technology is evolving so rapidly it’s almost impossible to predict what opportunities will exist in the future?

This panel session brings together some of Australia’s leading digital designers who are working on the forefront of digital innovation to discuss and provide navigation through an industry experiencing unprecedented revolution. Join Tom Uglow (Google), Tim Buesing (Reactive), Bronwyn van der Merwe (Fjord), Charlie Bruton (The Nest) and Gavin McLeod (R/GA) as well as other guest panelists discuss the evolution and future of the design industry.

Is it no longer a question of which direction to take but rather how to go in every direction at once? Digital Design At The Crossroads will make a major contribution to what this means for everyone connected to the design industry. If you’re a designer, design teacher or student this event is required viewing in order to make sense of our digital future.

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